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Collecting Costume Jewelry
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                                       1965 " Flaming Flower " Judy Lee Brooch and Clip Earrings with Ad                                                                            1900"s Victorian Jade Bangle
                                        Trifari Sweater Clips                                                                                          Beautiful Trifari String Pearls
                                            Very Old Pot Metal Dress or Fur Clips                                                             Micro Mosaic Cameo Brooch - Made in Italy
                                Sarah Coventry "Autumn Splendor"  1975                                                                                             Sarah Coventry
Rare! These are signed scripted E 1930's dress embellishments. The E is for Eisenberg.                                    This is a 1946, 2 page ad for Eisenberg Originals. I only knew of the
They started out as a dress making company and sewed these beautiful jewels on them.                                 first page with the mermaid brooch on it. Ads are a great way to help
There was such a demand for the jewelry, they dropped the dresses and became one of the                            date costume jewelry. This ad measures 13 by 18 1/2 inch long.
finest costume jewelry makers of all time and are still in business today.                                                                                    
Vintage signed "Avon" pearl enamel clip earrings. Avon introduced                                                                 Vintage signed 1950's "Crown Trifari" teardrop rhinestone clip earrings and bracelet.
jewelry to their line in 1971 with both high and low end quality pieces.                                                          I had the earrings over two year and just recently found the matching bracelet
Over the years, Avon has had many different designers. These are                                                               and necklace. To us collectors, finding a matching piece like this, is like finding gold!
considered "The cream of the crop".
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