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     Started   8/12/2012
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 We have 5 hens(The Girls) and 1 duck in the coop. They are two different breeds of chickens. There are 2 Black Rocks, 3 Easter Eggers. The biggest is named Ginger. She is very friendly and lets me pet her. Her feathers are amazingly soft! They all are about a year and a half old. The smallest Easter is a daughter to the middle sized one, born in spring. Delilah, the duck was born June 7th, 2013, she is an Indian Runner duck. I hand raised her from 3 days old. She is full of personality! She should start laying eggs in the spring.
                                       Video of " The Girls"
The Coop - is an A frame protective inclosure. It's designed to move around the yard every three days or so, giving them a clean space and providing them with new grasses to eat.  It has a front door, a side panel that opens so that you can  fully clean coop area and a box in back for collecting eggs.
Feeding - We are feeding them a mix of regular chicken feed and  a corn mixture of cracked corn, whole corn and sunflower seeds. They have access also to grit and oyster shell along with fresh fruit and vegetable scraps in the summer.
 Easter Eggers -They possess the "blue egg" gene and lay a big blue to green egg, can be brown to pinkish also. That is where the name comes from. They produce about 4 eggs per week ( which is very good). They are extremely friendly. They are great pets for families.  They are hardy in winter, can be confined, very docile, and not broody. Plus they have a fun personality. 
Black Rock- is a hybrid cross from selected strains of Rhode Island Red (cockerels) and Barred Plymouth Rock (hens). A very pretty bird!  Great bird for free ranging and gardens. They can be very aggressive against predators. They lay around 280 brown eggs a year. There shell quality and color is persistently good throughout there life.
WARNING: We do have hawks! We had an attack on coop the first week. These are nature cams and everybody has to eat!  You never you what you might see.
Our urban chickens are a joint adventure with our neighbor. He originally had built the coop and had chickens for a few years. We really enjoyed them in his yard and now he can enjoy them in ours! Thank you so much neighbor!
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