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  Mourning Doves      
  Red-bellied Woodpecker- Male( first 2 pics) and female(3&4). The female has gray on top of her head.
  Cayuga Ducks    "Georgie & Gracie"       It is a breed of domesticated duck used for egg and meat production as well as an ornamental bird.
  Red Headed Woodpecker                                                                                 Rose-breasted Grosbeak
  American Robin                             Eastern Towhee                             House Sparrow                           Great Crested Flycatcher
   Blue Jays                                Cardinals                                                                                                     Crow
  Brown Thrasher                            Grackles                                          Flicker                                       Turkey

  Grackles                                         Great Blue Heron                         Gold Finch                                   Mute Swan
  Baltimore Oriole                                  White-Crowned Sparrow               Indigo Bunting                              Cat Bird

Canadian Geese                                  Tufted Titmouse                        Red Wing Black Bird                       Downy Woodpecker

  Mallards                                                                                                                                                     Lots of ducks!                         
  From babies to teenagers!

  Wood Ducks                                                                                                    Young Wood Ducks             
                                      Warning! Graphic Content On These  3 Videos! 
    Red-Tailed Hawk Video                                   Great Horned Owl                                          Hawk gets muskrat!
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