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I love to collect,buy,trade and sell anything to do with vintage costume jewelry. I have been collecting and researching costume jewelry for a few years now. I also like to take nature photos. So here at my site, I have been able to incorporate them together. I will be adding new photos and items regularly.   Enjoy!

Here you will find all information about  my site and all the updates.

Pictures of my collection. Jewelry is very hard to photo and I am getting better at it!
Nature Gallery
I love to take pictures of my flowers, animals and scenery.
Spring,summer and fall flower pictures from around the city in Indianapolis.
Live Wildlife Cam
A live nature cam located in SE Indiana and has a live chat that I'm on most evenings. We are talking to people world wide now and it's very interesting! (This page takes a few seconds to load)
Pictures I took of the creek at Thecritterwindow.com
Pictures and video link to the huge snapper. Well worth checking out! Amazing creature!
We have been taking screen shots of the birds that we are seeing on the live cam. I have added eNature icons for info to each species. There you can click on the listen button  and hear what each on one sounds like.
Here are pictures of the animals that we are seeing on the wildlife cam and interesting info about them.
Pictures of the animals and birds seen on my new cam.

A page to put up all kinds of different pictures. This will update regularly. Check back often!

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UpDates     The Chicken Cam
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                   CW Promo Video

                   New Yard Cam Pic's

                    New EBay Items

There are now 2 cam feeds on 1 page!
    We set up the new "Yard Cam" view. You will see lots of squirrels and birds. At night, rabbits and we just don't know what else!

    Beaver,muskrats, raccoons,deer!
That's the fun of it, you never know what you might see!

 I have to say, that since I started the yard cam, I had no idea what it really took to set-up a webcam. Behind the scenes and what you don't see, is all the effort, equipment, time, family support and money, it takes to have the cams run 24/7. It is truly a labor of love! Thank you to my family, Mr and Mrs Critter, our moderators and to you for viewing!
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We take great pride on bringing you the best quality webcam that is on the internet!  

Packaging - All jewelry items are wrapped in new bubble wrap, placed in new baggie and sent in new bubble envelope.
Shipping - All items are shipped USPO as quick as I can. I will combine orders if you email me first and let me know.
 Thank you for looking!
These items are being sold as is. 

Always happy to answer any questions!

I am not an expert on jewelry. It’s my hobby.

PAYPAL only for payments within 3 days. Please!

At this time I’m only shipping in the United States.

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My Vintage Jewelry Rating Scale

MINT- If I use this word, I'm keeping it!
EXCELLENT- Near mint. Close to perfect.
GOOD - Has a little vintage wear.
UGLY - Ugly is ugly! I am very picky about my jewelry.
I describe pieces as best I can.
CJC Tips

• To us, costume jewelry collectors, the back of the
piece is just as important as the front. You can date a
piece by looking at the metal, clasp and markings,
just by turning it over!
• When ever possible, always buy jewelry in the
original box, the value will be much more.
Costume Jewelry Lingo
CJ -Costume Jewelry
CCJ- Collecting Costume Jewelry
CJC - Costume Jewelry Collector
Signed - They are stamped with the designers logo.
Vintage - means that an item is not recently made & may have been used or worn in the past.